I don’t remember where I came across this video-

Many things that I see on the internet I quickly forget.  Mostly I see the type of things that are just funny or interesting in the moment, and then it’s gone, never to be remembered.  Then there are the things I see that some how, for some reason, stick.  And those seem to be the strange things.  Things that make you say “Why in the WORLD did you remember THAT video?”   I have no answer.  I do have the ability to share, and so I will.  In 1963 one Mr G. Eyles of Institute of Advanced Motoring drove a Jaguar from London to Bath.  And filmed it.  And added commentary.  I watched the whole almost ten minutes of it, fascinated.  The comments he makes are great, so if you can make it the whole way, go for it!  Take a little drive!