A little taste of this coming Thursday…

I can’t wait to see this Thursday’s Trans-Siberian Orchestra show! This isn’t the greatest shot video, but it is from a show just last week, so you get a little taste of what the current show is like…and the line up of the beautiful and VERY talented ladies of TSO. This just happens to be my all-time favorite song from TSO as well. The lead female vocalist is the amazing Chloe Lowery…who’s been performing since the age of 12, and has been with TSO since 2010. ‘ve always loved her vocals, even outside of TSO, and she just recently released her first solo album “The In Between”. Yes, there’s much more than just Chloe and the ladies that makes TSO so incredible…but yah, I have a “thing” about Chloe, I’m sure you can see and hear why! Hopefully you’re making it to the show! ~ Ron