They weren’t even legally divorced…

Paulina Porizkova had been married to The Cars Ric Ocasek since 1989…and when Ocasek passed away in September, they were not only living together, but WERE NOT legally divorced yet! For the 3 months prior to Ocasek’s death (Sept 15), they were “separated”, but were still LIVING TOGETHER. So you figure there must have still been some kind of “connection” between the two (aside from the fact they had two sons together while married), but here’s a shocker…Ric Ocasek left Porizkova NOTHING…his will stated that she should not receive ANY of his belongings or money!! What a way to say “Bye Bye Love”…according to documents the will stated the model had “abandoned” him amid their divorce proceedings. But Porizkova was still living with Ocasek, and she’s the one who discovered his body the morning he died. The story I read doesn’t say who DID get his money etc., but I would assume it went to his two sons…perhaps they give “mom” at least a little something. ~ Ron