My hunting camp setup

Here’s my hunting camp setup for a solo hunt in Atlanta, ID for mule deer.  I use a Remington model 770 30-06, for a handgun I carry a Taurus .380 ACP and I used to carry a Berretta 92FS but found that to be too heavy to carry.  For food and ice I use 2 Coleman 150 quart Xtremes coolers, a Rtic 20 and Cordova Cooler Small from Nampa, Idaho.  The tent that hooks to the back of my truck is a Rightline SUV Tent and not a “Ridgeline” which I always thought was the name.  I had the zipper fixed at Thunder Mountain Tent & Canvas in Nampa.  I ended up getting snowed out of Atlanta so went to hunt white – tailed deer in Northern Idaho near Orofino where I missed 2 bucks and got a coyote. – Forrest