If you want a rabbit hole…

I first posted about Playing For Change when I saw the video for The Weight.  I didn’t look much further after that…..until last week.  I saw this one, and then spent an hour or so watching other videos and being impressed with the musicianship and overall quality of the production.  This video is timely:  For the first time since they became eligible (1996), The Doobie Brothers are nominated to go into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.  I won’t rant here, I’ve done that before and quite frankly even I’m tired of hearing myself talk about it, but it is a good time to present this video to you.Tom Johnston of course leads it off, with appearances from Patrick Simmons and John McFee as well.  Go ahead, Listen To The Music!





Trip to Seattle

Trip to Seattle

Clapton’s guitar, Cobain’s house, Hendrix’s grave and more