I’m betting VERY few people did this!

Well, besides his successful musical achievements, Eddie Money, who passed away on September 13, had the honor of seeing the first AND last American shows by Led Zeppelin! The band first did a show at what was known as the Fillmore West (aka Carousel Ballroom) on Jan 9, 1969, and Eddie Money was there. In an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock in 2012, Money recalled “there couldn’t have been more than 400 people in there”, and remembered the moment when Jimmy Page played his guitar with a violin bow. In July of 1977 Money was present when Led Zeppelin performed at that year’s Day on the Green festival in Oakland, CA, delivering what turned out to be their last American show to an audience of around 30,000. Below is a video from a performance Led Zeppelin did on a TV show in March of 1969, very close in time to that first show at the Fillmore…there is no video of that first show, but with this clip from the TV show, you get the VERY early Led Zeppelin live performance of “Dazed and Confused”. ~ Ron