Down ‘n’ Outz Has New Music

Yes,  Joe is in another band.  And it’s been 5 years since they did anything, but October 11 will see the new album called This Is How We Roll.  It was recorded over the past 5 years, Joe say’s of the album:  “Boy, has this has been a long time coming?!” Elliott said in a press release. “Recorded in infrequent bursts of activity over a five-year period whenever our respective motherships allowed, I’m extremely proud of what we’ve achieved with this album. I’m blessed to have worked with such a superb bunch of musicians on this collection of songs. To a man, and woman (!), they completely got my vision of what I wanted us to convey on this record & as usual, working with a world class producer/engineer in Ronan McHugh has guaranteed the sound of the record to be top notch! I couldn’t be more proud.”  First song released  is the title track, and it deserves a listen!