It’s almost (officially) summer…

Yes, I am a Beach Boys fan.  IN fact my first concert was The Beach Boys, in Seattle at The Hec Ed Pavillion on the UW Campus.  They also performed a few years in a row at the great Puyallup Fair, and I saw them every time.  8 Tracks, vinyl, and now digital, I dig the Beach Boys.  I’m doing something I haven’t done before with my music library on my phone.  I’m going through everything alphabetically by artist, and letting the albums play.  I’m on the B’s, and this song just came through the ear buds, almost like I’ve never heard it before….even though I’ve heard it HUNDREDS of times.  No backing vocals, Carl Wilson on lead vocals, and can be compared to Ticket To Ride, this tune is fantastic.  It’s from the Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) album, “Girl Don’t Tell Me”.