I know, you love or hate em’…

Yes, they are my #1 favorite bands ever (Led Zeppelin the very close second)…U2. I really first became a fan with the release of The Joshua Tree album. I’d heard, know of U2 of course before that, but for some reason, that album is what really got me interested in the band. There are plenty of things I like…what I consider their diversity with the music they’ve made, what they stand for (and against)…the fact that they’ve stayed together for 43+ years with ALL of the original members, and not one time have they even temporarily broke up, got in any kind of trouble…and creating a variety of music that is still relevant! Then there’s the fact that U2 currently holds the record for the highest grossing tour ever…and when you look at the numbers across the board, previous groups/tours don’t really come close! Here’s a little look…U2 did 110 shows on the 360 Degree tour between 2009 and 2011, with a total attendance of 7,272,046 and average attendance PER show of 66,110. For reference, The Rolling Stones “Voodoo Lounge” tour in 94/95 was 124 shows with total attendance of 6,336,776 and average PER show of 51,103. If you’re curious (or bored) and want to see the full chart just search “high grossing concert tours”. The pics below…an awesome gift my daughter made for me years ago, and my new U2 shirt and the plaque above is a story in itself…when my daughter surprised me with tickets to the 2005 Vertigo Tour show in Seattle…we went together. Then she turned around and won tickets from a Portland radio station for Father’s Day, and we went to the Portland show as well! I haven’t seen them since…and totally kicking myself for not making that 2017 Joshua Tree tour a priority!! I told my daughter just the other day, next tour of the states, I’m going…even if I have to mortgage my house, and take a leave of absence from work! Click on each picture for a full size look. ~ Ron O’