It’s said he “sold his soul”…and if so,

He recorded just 29 songs between 1936 and 37, but his music inspired many future musicians, and his guitar work was unheard of in his time, and became a huge influence for some of the greatest guitar players ever. His short life of 27 years is shrouded in mystery, even to the point of where he is truly buried. I knew about the influence Robert Johnsons and his music had on greats like Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones (among MANY), but I really never looked into his story, until I recently watched the Netflix documentary “Devil At The Crossroads”…VERY intriguing and left me wanting to know more, but it seems everything there is to know, is pretty much told in that documentary. I HIGHLY suggest you watch it, if you haven’t…or you have no idea who Robert Johnson was. I won’t spoil the whole movie, but it’s said that Robert Johnson was NOT a good guitar player and was even shunned by musicians of his time…then Robert Johnson suddenly just disappeared (by all accounts of those around him)! A year a half later he reappears and is suddenly playing the guitar like NOBODY had ever seen, doing things on the strings with his long fingers that NO other player had done in that time! Some said he went to “The Crossroads” and sold his soul to the devil. Legend, likely…but it is very interesting that the songs he recorded has some of that subject matter to them, like “Crossroad Blues”, and “Hell Hound On My Trail”. They say if you sell your soul to the devil, there’s a price to pay…and that he did, at the age of 27, after years of pure turmoil…very much like those who would die down the line…at the age of 27 as well, after leading drug and or alcohol filled lives. The first video is the trailer for the documentary, followed by the original Robert Johnson version of “Sweet Home Chicago”, then one of my all time favorite videos from an early (2004) Eric Clapton “Crossroads” concert. “Sweet Home Chicago” with a legendary line up! Buddy Guy with the lead, joined by Eric Clapton, Jimmy Vaughn, Hubert Sumlin and Robert Cray! I love Clapton’s face (nearly cracking up!) at the 2:44 mark. ~ Ron O’




Jim Peterik

Jim Peterik

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