Let’s Talk Instrumentals, shall we?

Got a favorite instrumental?  So many to choose from, even though not many can be considered hits.  The Edgar Winter Group’s “Frankenstein” seems to always be one of the first people think of, it did get a lot of airplay.  I have a long list, but at (or near) the top for me, is “Jessica”, by The Allman Brothers Band.  Dickey Bett’s wrote it.  The Jessica is his daughter, a year old at the time.  It didn’t do well on the carts, but it’s such a great jam.  THe studio version is seven and a half minutes long, but obviously live they could go longer.  Which is one of the reasons I chose this version.  At nine minutes and 50 some odd seconds, it’s great not only for the performance, but the fact that the video is in black and white, the camera work really show off the precision of the duel lead guitars, but also for the smoking on stage!  So take the almost 10 minutes and enjoy The Allman Brothers and Jessica, from April 20, 1979!