The Skirt That You’re Wearing Is Way Past Your Knees…

I was going through some of the older music I have in my collection in all formats…cassette, vinyl CD and digital (iTunes), and came across Low Spark O High Healed Boys by Traffic.  Both Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi had a hand in writing all the songs but one, and I had all but forgotten about the songs on that album save the title track.  When I saw Steve Winwood live in Seattle in the mid ’80’s, he opened the show with half of the song Low Spark, and the wrapped up with the second half.  Brilliant.  I listened to the whole album, and man, it’s so easy to forget how good the guys in Traffic were. How well they played together. How they jammed.  Then to find on the internet a video of Traffic from 1972 playing in Santa Monica.  It’s a great way to spend almost 7 minutes.  So Light Up Or Leave Me Alone!