It wasn’t my “premature evaluation” this time!

Honestly, I was surprised that Ozzy fully made it through the Black Sabbath tour, but then when he announced his final solo tour, I was really skeptical…and when he first went down early in the tour with the nasty finger infection, I mentioned on-air (more than once) that I didn’t see him making through the tour. Well sure enough, after a bout with the flu not to long ago, and then his subsequent hospital stay and home care due to pneumonia…the “prince of darkness” is done…well, at least for 2019. The remaining European dates were cancelled, and now most of the North American dates have been “rescheduled” to start in May of 2020. In a recent statement Ozzy said…Just know that I am getting better every day. I will fully recover … I will finish my tour … I will be back!”  Umm, I’m sorry Ozzy fans, but at 70, and the decades of abuse to his body, I am saying this is the beginning of the end. In the hay-days, Motley Crue opened for Ozzy…which you’ll see in the movie “The Dirt” (recently out on Netflix), and this isn’t a full spoiler, but below is a clip off Tommy Lee and Ozzy “verifying” one of the (gross out) scenes in the movie. Yah, keep the young kids out of the room, when you watch “The Dirt”…please.  ~ Ron O’



Eric Bloom

Eric Bloom

Guitar player from Blue Öyster Cult calls in