I’m on vacation next week (18th through 22nd), and am looking forward to a concert road trip! Tuesday I’ll head off to central Oregon, for a concert that night in Bend…it’s former Eagle lead guitarist DON FELDER! Don has a new album coming in April, and he’s already released a few songs…the latest you can hear in the video clip below. The album “American Rock n’ Roll” features a number of Don’s buddy’s on guitar in various tracks, the likes of Slash, Chad Smith, Peter Frampton, Mick Fleetwood…and this track, “Rock You” features Felder, Joe Satriani, Sammy Hagar, and Bob Weir! You’ll even hear Sammy belting out some of the vocals, and Weir helps on the chorus. In mentioning to some friends that I was going to see Don Felder, some said “who”? So, for those not fully familiar with the Eagles, beyond Don Henley and Glenn Frey…Don “fingers” Felder was the lead guitarist (well, co-lead w/Joe Walsh) for the Eagles from 1974 until the bands break up in 1980, but an “official” member of the band until 2001. It was Felder who recorded an initial “demo” of the song “Hotel California” and gave a copy to Don Henley and Glenn Frey…and the song developed from there. Felder was also instrumental in writing “Victim of Love” on the album Hotel California. ~ Ron O’