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When doing our blogs, for the most part we try to keep it along the lines of music, entertainment, funny things…but we also share some of what our lives are actually like…outside of being on the Eagle. I posted this on my Facebook page Thursday (3/7), but I know not everyone is on FB, so I felt like sharing here on my blog:

Some sad news this morning…Larry Brown,passed away. Larry, or “Mason” as he was known on-air, was the man that gave me my first full-time radio job in February of 1980 in Pendleton Oregon. I remember getting the phone call, being a 19 year old kid, I was elated, to say the least. Larry coached me, encouraged me and was a friend. And it carried on after he moved on to Kennewick in a few years, and encouraged me to make the “move up” to a bigger market, which I did, and worked with Larry there. Then when I got fired (only time in my career) in 1986, it was again Larry who had my back, as he was working in Yakima by then, and once again got me on at KATS-FM. Larry lived with muscular dystrophy and a variety of health issues since childhood, but he never complained and had a great attitude (and awesome voice!). I lost track of Larry over the years, after I moved to Portland and Larry left radio. I just recently found out his health was failing quickly. I wouldn’t be where I am in life, if it wasn’t for “Mason”…rest in peace Larry, and thank you my friend! ~ Ron