Worst tattoos of all time

As time progresses tattoos just keep getting better and better.  At least, I would of thought that.  Two singers, both who I’ve never heard a single note of their music) both got what I would call the worst tattoos of all time this year.

Kelsey Karter – a pop star I assume, honestlty I’m too lazy to look her music up.  She got a tattoo of Hary Styles on her face.  Harry Styles is also a pop star, I think.  Again, I’ve never head his music and I’m too apathetic to look it up.  Right now I’m listening to Aerosmith “Rocks” as I write this and honsetly it sounds too good to pause and go listen to music I know I won’t like.


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Ariana Grande – Pop star, I’m pretty sure.  There’s a bar in Garden City on State Street that has a sign out front that says, “I thought Arianna Grande as a font”.  If I’m ever bar hopping in Garden City I’m definitely going there just out of respect for their humor.  The only thing about Ariana Grande I know is that one time she got caught licking donuts and saying, “I hate America.”  Stay classy.  She got a tattoo on her hand in Japanese that she though said, “7 Rings”.  It doesn’t.  It’s actually a tiny Japanese style BBQ grill.  If you’re rich and famous in 2019, how do you make a spelling error this bad?  It’s not a prison tatt.  Case in point, I just re-read this paragrah and wasn’t sure how to spell “Ariana” so I googled it and realizied I was spelling it “Arianna” which is wrong.  Then I corrected this blog before I posted it.  See how easy that was?



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