The Gammy’s Suck

Every rock fan this morning, “The Grammy’s Suck!”.  They didn’t air the Best Rock Performance Award where Chris Cornell’s kids accepted his award, they forgot Vinnie Paul in the memoriam section, it only showcased hip-hop, etc…

Just like the Super Bowl halftime show, we complain every year.  The Grammy’s isn’t supposed to cater to rock.  It’s not what boosts TV ratings and sells product.  Teenage kids aren’t buying a shirt because they saw the guy from The Who wear it, Pantera wasn’t sponsored by a soda, E.L.O. isn’t selling out stadiums.  They would be dumb to cater to rock because ratings would plummet.  Here are the Top 10 grossing music tours of 2018 according to Forbes.

1. Ed Sheeran – $429,491,502 (99 shows)
2. Taylor Swift – $315,186,362 (48 shows)
3. Beyoncé & Jay-Z – $253,514,983 (48 shows)
4. Bruno Mars – $237,770,168 (100 shows)
5. Pink – $180,402,074 (88 shows)
6. Justin Timberlake – $149,277,272 (76 shows)
7. U2 – $119,203,900 (55 shows)
8. The Rolling Stones – $117,844,618 (14 shows)
9. Kenny Chesney – $114,333,176 (42 shows)
10. Journey & Def Leppard – $97,095,894 (60 shows)

Just look at the top 5, with that kind of data what would you invest in?  Rock and metal are the ugly stepchild of the music world, we are Joh Snow and we know nothing.

It’s time to let it go.

Keep in mind that Ellen DeGeneres says St. Vincent makes one of her “favorite songs” and that band is considered “Rock” in the Grammy’s.  Remember both The Grammys and The Billboard Music Awards call Imagine Dragons “Rock” and let’s not forget the time they gave a Grammy to a duo that didn’t even actual do the music.

Also, they always give whatever rock star just died an award.  Did Chris Cornell write his best song ever?  Not even close, this is only because he’s dead.  The Grammys aren’t about “the best releases”, it’s about ratings.

The Who trashing hotels, Iggy Pop refusing to lip sync and messing with interviewers, The Doors getting banned from The Ed Sullivan Show for not changing their lyrics that referenced drugs, Axl refusing to attend the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Kid Rock getting arrested at a Waffle House for fighting. That’s where Rock & Roll lives, not on a glossy TV show.

2019 Grammy winners:

Best Rock Performance: Chris Cornell “When Bad Does Good”

Best Rock Song: St. Vincent “Masseduction”

Best Rock Album: Greta Van Fleet: “From The Fires”

Best Metal Performance: High On Fire “Electric Messiah”



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