The Punisher Season 2

Big Punisher fan.  I remember as a kid reading Spider-Man, Batman and Superman comics but then a new wave hit.   The Punisher and The Wolverine actually killed people.  The anti-hero hero.  Honestly I never saw the Dolph Lundgen as Frank Castle but now I’m going to search it out for sure.

I really liked Thomas Jane as The Punisher in 2004 and wish they would have done more movies with him.

He even trained for the filiming of the 1st one with the Navy SEALs and gained 20 lbs for the part.  Supposedly Thomas Jane liked the role so much that he shot a sequel called “Dirty Laundry”.

Punisher: War Zone came next and while I could see people not liking this one, it’s very true to the comic version of War Zone. I really liked it for what it was. Graphic, dirty, and unbelievable in reality but this was common in comic books. Telling far-fetched stories and playing make-believe.

Now we move to Shane from “The Walking Dead” as the Punisher on Netflix.  Season 1 was pretty good and the Season 2 trailer featuring “Would?” by Alice in Chains just came out. – Forrest



Trip to Seattle

Trip to Seattle

Clapton’s guitar, Cobain’s house, Hendrix’s grave and more