Is this the coolest Cadillac ever?

Have you heard of the Cadillac Cyclone?  If you said yes, then you’re Rememberer is better than mine, because if I knew about this car, I forgot about this car.  And this car is too cool to forget about.  I stumbled across this video over the weekend of the Cyclone FROM THIS YEAR (2018)!  Which means this lucky guy has a functioning Cyclone!  To say I am impressed is an understatement; not only by the car itself, but by the fact at least one of them is still on the road!  In the audio of the video there is some detail on the car itself, if you don’t know… kick back and watch this.







Paul McCarteny & Dave Grohl

Paul McCarteny & Dave Grohl

I expected to see Grohl playing the drums and Paul on bass but nope, totally forgot those 2 had both recording entire albums by themselves. Pretty sure I save Dave Matthews in there too – Forrest