Alan Parsons Is coming To Boise!!!!!

Any one who knows me knows I’m a fan of progressive rock.Genesis, Supertramp, Yes, Rush, Pink Floyd, and The Alan Parsons Project.  I could (but won’t) go on for at least an hour discussing my 5 favorite APP Albums; from the Edgar Alan Poe inspired “Tales Of Mystery And Imagination”-with narration by the great Orson Wells, to 1980’s “The Turn Of A Friendly Card”.  The sonic quality of these albums blows my mind.  You can hear the attention to detail, the care taken by not only Alan and Eric Woolfson in the writing and mixing, but the musicians chosen to perform on the albums as well.  I just cannot get enough of these records!  And I do mean records….when it came time to have digital copies, I recorded them from vinyl to digital, just to have the pops and clicks I was used to.  All of the Alan Parsons Project albums are more than worth a listen, and Alan has a new album scheduled for release in 2019, but the five from 1976 to 1980 are my Go To’s.  At the top, I Robot.  By far the most listened to APP album I own.  But, as with Pink Floyd, my favorite song isn’t on my favorite album.  For that, we must go to The Turn Of A Friendly Card, and crank up Nothing Left To Lose.  Eric sings lead, and the backing harmonies of Chris Rainbow are second to none.  Give it a listen if you’ve ner heard it before, and give all the APP albums a go as well!