The “Bohemian Rhapsody” movie…

For those of you who have NOT yet seen theĀ biopic movie about Freddy Mercury and Queen…don’t worry, I won’t give away too much in this blog. But I thought I would share some of what I thought. Over-all, thought it was VERY well done! But as is the case with many “true story” movies, the people behind the scenes (writers, producers etc.) often change up things, for a variety of reasons. For example, another movie that was a big success years ago, The Blind Side…left many people saying “wow”, what an amazing “real-life” story…about NFL Football player Michael Orr. One big thing about that movie that WAS NOT accurate, Orr was portrayed as not knowing how to play football etc., and the scenes during that part of the movie, left people laughing. But that was NOT even close to reality, but to inject humor into the movie and “balance” things out with all the somber moments, the movie makers “made up” the comedic parts. And so is the case with “Bohemian Rhapsody”…I won’t go into the parts that aren’t “correct” etc., if you want to know details, it’s easily found on-line, but see the movie first! I think the movie was still very good, totally enjoyed it. They did TOTALLY NAIL the scene when Queen played Live Aid back in 1985, other than having to not include a few of the songs. Here is the original video of Queen’s set from that great day…when Queen put on what is often called one of the greatest live performances of all time. Compare it to the movie, and it’s amazing how spot on it is! ~ RonĀ