Lyndsey Marie

Lyndsey Marie

Lyndsey Marie takes over from 10am-2pm after The Bob & Tom Show. Extroverted introvert. Burger connoisseur. Hockey nut. Meat head. Healthy mix of confidence and crippling social anxiety. I live for live music and road trips. One of my favorite memories being watching Dave Grohl pound jager outside of Wrigley Field. I’ve got a solid handshake and think I can hang with the guys, but I can’t change a tire. Help me. 

Originally from Flordia, Lyndsey Marie can also be heard in cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Des Monies, Savannah, Youngstown, and Blacksburg.


Stitch turned 4 yesterday.

Stitch turned 4 yesterday. Unofficially since she’s rescued, and we don’t know her real birthday. She’s really grown up in the last year or so and become a great dog. The Urban Dingo. The Fun Police. Stitcheroo. Princess Stitchy. The pound pup formerly known as Netty.
She has my heart. – Lyndsey Marie


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It’s so easy!

It’s so easy!

Foo+ GNR last week. –Lyndsey Marie


Reading through archives of old interviews from 92 & this eerie one popped up.

Reading through archives of old interviews from 92. And this eerie one popped up.

“Courtney and Kurt are the nineties, much more talented version of Sid and Nancy,” says one executive. “She’s going to be famous and he already is, but unless something happens, they’re going to self-destruct. I know they’re both going to be big stars. I just don’t want to be a part of it.” – Lyndsey Marie


Not a single smart phone.

Not a single smart phone. Just a bunch of people living in the moment. I want that again. – Lyndsey Marie


Back in Black.

Back in Black.
Had a great ride on the new pony. Trying to win him over with treats and minimal work. Just how I like it. – Lyndsey Marie


“What keeps you motivated to work out?”

“What keeps you motivated to work out?” You’re not always going to be motivated. It’s really about discipline. If you rely on motivation, you’ll fail.
I make it a habit, just like brushing my teeth. But instead of every day, 4-5 days a week. 😛Do I fall off the wagon? Absofreakinlutely. I’ll eat over my macros a couple times a week. Mess up. Binge. Skip cardio. But I do NOT stay out of the gym unless I’m sick/hurt/ on vacation. I’m a creature of habit and even a bad workout is a good workout. Just get in there. – LM


Love is weird

Love is weird. It’s like, your body is telling you: yessss, do it. Mate with this guy to pass on his best desirable traits to your offspring.

Butttt he farts when he pees in the morning.



I’m packing my vinyl and vans.

I’ll be live in the Rock 100.5 studio May 1st. Until then, I’m packing my vinyl and vans.

I’ll still be on 96.9 The Eagle weekdays 10am-2pm except for as long as it takes to drive to Georgia.  So Scott Cruize will fill in for me this Thursday and Friday and then Monday.  Read what’s going on here.

PS: I couldn’t think of a better homecoming than a night with Foo Fighters. Thank you, Atlanta. ❤️ – Lyndsey Marie


Not on the radio today

Doctor: Good news and bad news. Bad news? You have strep. Good news? I’m giving you penicillin and a face mask. And you’ll find people stay the fuck away from you when you’re wearing a face mask. ‬- LM


I’m posting this to remind myself it’s always a work in progress

On the struggle bus. I’ve been beat up with a cold that lasted 12 days that’s derailed me from packing my stuff for this move, eating well, and exercising. First back day back and dude films me trying to complete my set of 12 pull downs. Roughhhh. But I’m posting this to remind myself it’s always a work in progress. Fight for each day, each rep, and celebrate the small things. 🙌🏼💪🏽🤧 – Lyndsey Marie


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Here’s my naked face

Transformation Tuesday. Here’s my naked face. I’d like to tell to you that I’m comfortable in my skin with all of it’s wrinkles and laugh lines. Sun spots and frowns. Scars and piercings. Full on, filter-free and makeup free.
That’s not always the case. I’m guilty of the worst self-talk. I’m critical to a fault. After grade school, I became my own bully. What happens when you have $&*% self-esteem? You do $*&^%@ things. Drugs, alcohol, FOOD. There are plenty of things you can harm yourself with but I like my words. I’m my own worst enemy in the bull$%&*narrative I wrote for myself. It’s taken therapy and time for me to start re-writing and re-wiring who I AM at my CORE. I’m still on my first chapter, but I like what I’m creating. – Lyndsey Marie