Lyndsey Marie

Lyndsey Marie

Lyndsey Marie takes over from 10am-2pm after The Bob & Tom Show. Extroverted introvert. Burger connoisseur. Hockey nut. Meat head. Healthy mix of confidence and crippling social anxiety. I live for live music and road trips. One of my favorite memories being watching Dave Grohl pound jager outside of Wrigley Field. I’ve got a solid handshake and think I can hang with the guys, but I can’t change a tire. Help me. 

Originally from Flordia, Lyndsey Marie can also be heard in cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Des Monies, Savannah, Youngstown, and Blacksburg.


Anddd good morning!!!

Anddd good morning!!! – Lyndsey Marie


AC/DC Karaoke

Listener footage from my AC/DC karaoke performance last night.

I’ll keep my day job. –  Lyndsey


I’m afraid of heights

I’m afraid of heights. Getting better at the easy routes so we are going to get belay certified this week!
Hopefully my confidence goes up with my experience. – Lyndsey Marie


The 2000s were awful.

It’s 1998. Your older brother lets you take his Dodge Neon to school. And this CD is in the sun visor  The 2000s were awful. The voice of reason in one amazing video.. – Lyndsey Marie


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New music from “The Guess Who”

A) I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t know The Guess Who is still trucking.

B)They even have a new album due out in September.

C)Their new single is about RADIO!!: “The song is a celebration of the radio and what it meant to us all,” explains D#. “Whenever a new great song hit the airwaves, the DJ would say a few words then off to the races! You’d tune in just to hear it over and over again.

Lyndsey Marie


I cheated

In my dream last night, I cheated on my boyfriend…and I feel like the BIGGEST douchebag. I woke up and started profusely apologizing. I couldn’t live with myself. Aren’t these dreams supposed to be the other way around? He cheats on me and I get angry? – LM


Might as well squat

Got a good leg workout in today with the boyfriend. I’ve been taking full advantage of summer. Burgers, pizza, cake. Might as well squat.
Making an effort to squat atleast twice a week now. I hate it. So I have to do it more often. Growth mindset. 🍔🌭🌽🍑 – Lyndsey Marie


So true it hurts

This is so true it hurts. 😜😍 – Lyndsey


Classic Rock Radio. It’s not dying, but the musicians are

I tweeted this good article that summed up Classic Rock radio. It’s not dying, but the musicians are. We see them as immortal, but the years on the road say otherwise. I don’t know what’s going to happen when we lose Paul McCartney. Ozzy. Plant. Page. Keith. – Lyndsey Marie

Lyndsey Dog

Three Years Ago!

The day I took Stitchy home. Look at that puppy fuzz! She was more grey here. Now she’s more blue steel. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. She’s turned into such a little chicken nugget. She loves: her daddy, bossing around her brother, order, naps, and belly rubs. She’s about to become a hiking pro too. 😍 – Lyndsey Marie


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I KNOW THIS GUY! He freakin’ did it. He started small and ended up SMALLER. Little things add up. It’s the commitment to change and the discipline to follow through that will get you to the other side.

Side note, it takes a LOT of work to create a growth mindset. To objectively look at yourself and then decide to be better.

This doesn’t just apply to fitness. If you’re a piece of crap…if you cheat….if you’re an addict….if you don’t like the person you are….YOU have the power to change. Change your mindset, change your life.

Way to go Bob! – Lyndsey Marie