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Izzy is the newest member at 96.9 The Eagle and he mans the controls for the Bob & Tom show weekdays from 6am-10am. That means he’s up at 4:00 AM, ouch.

Izzy says he is a “functional adult Nerd.” In his spare time he likes to play video games, read comics, practice Martial arts (Jeet Kune Do/ Filipino Kali) and chase his 2 year old daughter around. 


Boise’s Ninja Warrior

Whether you grew up in the age of Bruce Lee, or Power Rangers at one point we all tried to do some sweet flips and kicks and dreamed of being a ninja warrior while listening to Eye of the Tiger. This is a dream That Boise’s own James Gomez gets a chance to live.

He’s been chosen to be apart of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, and I got a chance to talk with him.


James Gomez

Izzy: James, I’m pretty sure most of us are familiar with Ninja Warrior and American Ninja Warrior, but for those that aren’t familiar, describe it for me.

JG: Ninja Warrior is an Americanized version of the Japanese obstacle course show Sasuke. On that show 100 athlete tackle what is described as the worlds hardest obstacle course. Four stages testing speed, strength, endurance, agility, and mental fortitude. Onece the show caught popularity in the US, G4 built a team of the best US competitors to send to Japan to tackle Sasuke. A few years later American Ninja Warrior was born with the same Four Stage layout in Las Vegas but now in order to get to Vegas you need to pass the Regional Qualifiers and Finals.

Izzy: How did you become familiar with Ninja Warrior? When do you have the “ahha” moment and decide you wanted to train for this?:

JG: I was 11 years old watching Ninja Warrior on G4 and I knew I wanted to do it. I was small, athletic, and I loved to monkey around on things. At the time I wrestled so it wasn’t ideal for me to start full time Ninja training but my amazing Dad built me a Salmon ladder to play on and the rest is history.

Izzy: What sort of training regime have you followed to prepare for this?

JG: The physical part is the “easy” part of the training. You want endurance and grip training mainly. Some people love to rock climb, others lift weights, and lots prefer replica obstacles. I dabble in as many different types of training to be a more well rounded athlete.American Ninja Warrior is brutal. You need to believe without a doubt in your mind you can crush the obstacle in front of your and at the same time understand that anything can go wrong at any second.

Here is a clip of James hard at work at the “Ninja Warehouse” in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Izzy: So you get the call that they want you on the show, what’s next?

JG: I am on my way to Minneapolis on the 25th of May. I’ve been training for months now I need to tighten the diet up a bit more, stay on my training, and be ready to rock and roll. I’ve been prepping for years for this exact moment and I just can’t wait. It’s going to be an absolute blast.

Izzy: James thanks for the interview! Any idea when the Treasure Valley might get a chance to see you on TV?

JG: The first episode of American Ninja Warrior airs May 30th at 8pm on NBC. That will be the Los Angeles region. I’m not exactly sure when my run will air but it looks like I’ll be on TV around early July.


For more information about Ninja Warrior or to get local show times, click here.





izzy 4

Can I Borrow $300k?

These days crowd sourcing is all the rage, so dust off that GoFundMe account and get ready to tell your parents you need $300,000.

What could that kind of money get you? how about the first electric guitar that George Harrison owned. You heard that right. Harrison donated his Hofner Club 40 back when the Beatles were going by ‘The Quarrymen’ to be used in a band competition. The winner of that competition passed away last year, so his widow contacted auctioneers Juliens to sell the item.

This image provided by Julien’s Auctions

The Hofner Club 40, a small blonde and black hollow body hasn’t been seen in the public eye for over 50 years. John Lennon owned an almost identical model which sold at auction in 2009 for $337,226.

Harrison’s guitar will join a 1965 Fender Telecaster owned by Robbie Robertson and played by the likes of Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan. The auction will take place on May 19th in NYC.



Hey! KISS Guy!

An energetic fan was spotted in the crowd at a Foo Fighters concert in Austin Texas on April 18th and was invited on stage by Dave Grohl. Dressed in black with Kiss face paint, Grohl handed “Kiss Guy” Yayo Sanchez his guitar and had him join the band for “Monkey Wrench.”

What happened next would not only lead to instant stardom for the young 20 something, but also bring Grohl to his knees.


izzy 5

Eddie Vedder – Watchtower

While Pearl Jam takes a break from their tour, Eddie Vedder Joined the Tangiers Blues Band in Manhattan this past weekend for a quick set. Included in the set list is this great bluesy rendition of Jimi Hendrixs’ ‘All Along The Watchtower’. Pearl Jam is set to continue their tour into Europe later this summer and sadly, the closest they come to the Treasure Valley is Seattle. If you fancy a road trip you can find all the tour dates HERE.



Nerd Alert!

Space may be the final frontier, But on July 13th the Boise Center on Front street will welcome William Shatner, Captain James T. Kirk himself as one of many high profile guests set to appear at Wizard World Comic Convention this summer.

Other guests include Jason David Frank (The original Green Power Ranger), James Marsters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sean Maher of Firefly and others to be announced soon.

Information on Wizard World Comic Con, as well as ticket and photo opp prices can be found HERE

As the stations resident nerd, I will be following this event closely. If you go, or plan on dressing up, let me know via Twitter. I’ll be taking plenty of photos!



izzy 6

No more tears, or driving

After a minor fender bender in a Ferrari the Prince of Darkness has hung up his keys and saying he doesn’t want to drive anymore. According to Daily Mirror, his son Jack Osbourne said “He had a little bumper kiss on the freeway with someone and he was like ‘you know, i don’t want to drive anymore.”

Image copyright of TMZ

With how sue happy some drivers can be, it’s probably for the best. If Ozzy was to do damage to someones car or property and, knowing how much he is worth, they could try and sue for a hefty sum.

Thankfully his multi million dollar tour bus will keep him from having to call an Uber as he starts his “No More Tours 2” later this month. If you fancy a road trip yourself, you can check out the tour locations HERE.


izzy 3

Can’t get enough of the Beatles?

In the town, where you were born, you might be seeing the 50th anniversary of The Beatles Yellow Submarine coming to the box office. The Rolling Stone reports that the list of participating theaters hasn’t been announced yet, but screenings of the 1968 musical are set to start July 8th with ticket information coming soon on the Yellow Submarine website (www.yellowsubmarine.film).

The fill will be shown in stunning 4K though no computer effects will be used to enhance the films original artwork, instead every frame was restored by hand and will also feature an updated 5.1 stereo soundtrack.

The original animator and co director, Robert Balser unfortunately passed away in 2016 at the age of 88. That story can be found here.



That’s one big Weiner

This is it folks, the moment in life that we have all trained for. The Wienermobile swung by the studio and we were lucky enough to get a full tour (and a wiener whistle).

This is probably the most flattering photo I have

The history of the Wienermobile started in 1936. There are currently 6 full sized vehicles in use and each are assigned there own section of the U.S to tour. An Oscar Mayer representative tours colleges around the nation and, if you are lucky enough to be a college senior, you can apply to be a :Hotdogger” and get the sweet job of touring the 27 foot wiener for a whole year!

Lets just say that Forrest and I were pretty excited when they opened up the gull wing style door and let us take a peek inside.


izzy 4

Swingin Metallica

Unless you have been under a rock, you know that Metallica is set to swing by Boise’s Taco Bell Arena in November and tickets are becoming more and more scarce.

We are all familiar with Metallica’s trade marked sound, but what what if, instead of 1981, Metallica made it’s debut back in the swingin days of the 1930’s/40’s? That’s exactly what Scott Bradlee’s Postmoden Jukebox (they take modern songs and give them a vintage twist) did with the already classic “Nothing Else Matters.” The video is about a year old, has more then three million views on Youtube and is absolutely fantastic.  Take a look and listen below.




Guitar picks: Just add rocker

This month was a bit rough for me. My father spent a few days in the hospital due to a pre-existing heart condition which prompted me to take an emergency trip back to my hometown. Thankfully, he is on the mend, which means I can hold off on making any ridiculous memorial purchases.

 Remind me to call Amazon customer service about my refund.

I’m sure I’m not alone that anyone with sick or aging family think about the best way they can memorialize their loved ones, but what if your loved one is a rock star? What do you get to remember years of shredding gone silent? Don’t worry, I’ve done your research for you.

For a mere 79 dollery-doo’s you can send 1/8 teaspoons of your loved ones ashes to Spirit Pieces and they will press it into a glass guitar pick so you can rock on into eternity. The website states that the glass is hard enough to make the pick perfect for daily strumming, but when you are done, just make sure you empty your pockets onto your night stand before you throw your pant’s into the laundry. Dad does’t like going through the washer.