A Prince Cover

“Nothing Compares 2U”, written by Prince and the most famous version recorded by Sinead O’Connor.  Not my favorite song….but when I heard the version below, I know can count it as one I can listen to.  Follow me here:  My wife and I were discussing music over the weekend, and she made the statement that we don’t have enough Pearl Jam our library.  That started a conversation that included Temple Of The Dog, that then led to Chris Cornell.  THAT led to ‘Nothing Compares 2U”….and how in the world (my wife said to me) have you NOT HEARD his version of the song?  I had no answer, so thanks to YouTube, I looked it up.  Blew my mind.  So, if you are like me, and had no idea Chris covered the song, give it a listen.  Changed my perception of the song….