Finally out with 1996!

While I recently went BACK in time, breaking out the old turntable and starting a vinyl collection…one area that REALLY was outdated and needed renewed, was my kitchen! The formica countertops and backsplash was original from when the house was built in 96′, and the sink and stove, the same! To the rescue comes ASV CABINETS! And yes, for my endorsement of their company, I did receive a discount, but I also wouldn’t be endorsing a company if I didn’t believe in their product and or service! While their name is ASV “Cabinets”, they do pretty much anything and everything when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms…and their work was great! I haven’t done any major projects with contractors in the past, but I’ve had friends who have…and in some cases, had nightmares with various issues. There were ZERO headaches with ASV! So if your looking to do anything with your kitchen or bathrooms, check them out!! Here are the before and after pics of my kitchen! ~ Ron