Since I’ve been talking cover songs…

All this talk of cover songs got me back to one of the all time great cover artists….Joe Cocker.  Songs like “Feelin’ Alright?”  “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window”, :With A Little Help From My Friends”, he had a skill when it came to interpreting other peoples music.  Aside form “Feelin Alright?”, my favorite Cocker song is “When The Night Comes” from the One Night Of Sin album.  And to be honest, I had no idea who the songwriter was, and really didn’t care. Joe took that song and made it great.  So when I saw that the song was written by Bryan Adams (Yes, that Bryan Adams),  Jim Vallance (who writes with Bryan Adams), and Diane Warren (Yes, that Diane Warren),  well, I had to go looking for Bryan performing the song himself.  And I found this video.  Oh, and as it happens, Bryan actually plays on the Joe Cocker version.  Enjoy this live version of Bryan Adams singing “When The Night Comes”