The Intro to Thunderstruck

It’ no secret my favorite ADDC song is Thunderstruck.  From start to finish, it’s a fantastic display of rock and roll.  I found myself fascinated by this video called “The 10 Levels Of Thunderstruck Intro”, as Davidlap (His YouTube handle-or whatever it’s called), plays the intro in 10 different ways on one guitar, then on a guitar and bass, then with a guys head, and the the Thunderstruck intro with one hand, another  well known song intro with the other hand (no spoiler here!), all on one guitar.  It’ll only take about a minute and 7 seconds to watch…I’ve watched it three times in the past 10 minutes!







Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield

Calls in to talk about his album, tour with Richard Marx, being friends with Sammy Hagar, black holes, depression, Linda Blair and more.