Time is going way to fast, and I’m fighting back!

I know I’m not alone…I hear it from people all the time, “time is going by WAY to fast”! But as we get older, that’s just the way it works, unless you have a time machine, lol. Well, in an attempt to “go back in time” I am starting off the new year (can you believe it’s already 2019, ha!) by fighting back, so to speak…by going back to vinyl records! Now I still have my turntable from the early 80’s, and while I thought about actually returning to the whole “component” stereo set up, I opted to buy a turntable that can actually play thru bluetooth…but I may “expand” in time. But right now my focus is buying vinyl albums once again, after selling mine off about 10 years ago (ugh, why did I do that!). So far, I’ve picked up a combination of used originals that are pretty much near mint…and a few of the newer “remastered” on 180 grade vinyl (heavier than the original pressings)…and those are a bit spendy, depending on the album, but for the most part at least $20 and some considerably higher. I’ve already exhausted the Christmas gift cards on starting my new collection, so it may be a slow process in getting all those “classics” that I want. Here are some pics of what I’ve bought so far…and arriving from on-line buys this week are, The Cars (first), Van Halen (first), and The Allman Brothers “Live at Fillmore East”!  ~ Ron