There’s a new criminal “villain”!

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first instance where a criminal decided to pull the “skunk” routine, but some make the news, and others not. 25 year old Sean Sykes Jr. was busted in Kansas City back in September of 2017, but just now plead guilty to 2 felonies. But information that came out about the initial interview between a detective and Sykes, is where things get smelly. The detective said when he questioned Sykes about his address…Sykes leaned to one side of the chair and “released a loud fart”…before he gave up his address. The detective said Sykes continued to “be flatulent” and the detective had enough, and ended the interview. The “Farting Felon” will be sentenced at a later date. If you want to read the full story, it’s HERE  ~ Ron