Linda Ronstadt covered the song in 1975, Gregg Allman covered it on his last album Southern Blood.  Lowell George wrote it even before Little Feat was a band.  He was part of The Mothers of Invention. Frank Zappa’s band.  One story has Lowell being kicked out because of the drug references in the song, another says that when Frank heard Lowell sing a demo, he told him he should start a band.  Either way, Little Feat was born.  The song was on their first album, but was rerecorded for the second album Sailin’ Shoes in 1972…and that’s the version we all know.  I was listening to Southern Blood the other day, and after I heard Gregg’s version, I had to listen to the original again.  As I scoured the internet for it….didn’t really have to scour, the link was right on top…I came across a live version from 1977, a couple of years before Lowell died.  While I have seen Little Feat live before, I did not get to see them when Lowell was alive.  After watching the video, I realized that I really wish I had.  Weed, Whites and Wine……spend three minutes and twenty nine seconds with Little Feat, and Willin’