The Reissue of John Lennon’s Imagine will be released Friday

The footage was shot during the studio sessions for Imagine, and in the video below, you can see John-of course-and the  Plastic Ono band recording “How Do You Sleep”.  The studio is in John’s home studio in Tittenhurst, England, and features a very special guest….George Harrison.  George is playing John’s Fender.  And the song. Yes, the song is about Paul. Pretty much every line is a dig at Paul.  Oh, it’s still a great song, but when you realize he’s digging at his old bandmate, it takes on a whole new life.  It’s pretty cool…..take a minute-well six and a half minutes if we’re being exact-and watch.  Watch Klaus Voormann playing bass…man is he relaxed!  And the drummer?  Alan White, who would go on to join Yes.