The Reissue of John Lennon’s Imagine will be released Friday

The footage was shot during the studio sessions for Imagine, and in the video below, you can see John-of course-and the  Plastic Ono band recording “How Do You Sleep”.  The studio is in John’s home studio in Tittenhurst, England, and features a very special guest….George Harrison.  George is playing John’s Fender.  And the song. Yes, the song is about Paul. Pretty much every line is a dig at Paul.  Oh, it’s still a great song, but when you realize he’s digging at his old bandmate, it takes on a whole new life.  It’s pretty cool…..take a minute-well six and a half minutes if we’re being exact-and watch.  Watch Klaus Voormann playing bass…man is he relaxed!  And the drummer?  Alan White, who would go on to join Yes.







Hard to Handle mash up with about 20 songs I missed