Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy’s “drunk show”

Lead man of Ratt, Stephen Pearcy apologized to fans the day after he was obviously out of it during a show in N.Y. The singer is recovering from a knee injury, and said the episode was due to a combination of alcohol and pain meds (never a smart move). That story, and a recent blog by Forrest regarding rock stars who don’t drink (or never have) or do drugs, got me remembering a classic comedy bit. Foster Brooks was hilarious as he portrayed a drunk on the Dean Martin Show in the 70’s, and had a long career of acting and voice work…as a matter of fact he started in radio in the1930’s! And during the peak of his fame, while he was hilariously funny doing his “drunk” routine, he didn’t drink. Brooks said some guy offered him $10 to quit drinking…and Brooks said he needed the money, and that was the end of his drinking. Foster Brooks died in December of 2001 at the age of 89. Enjoy this classic episode from one of those hilarious routines on the Dean Martin Show. ~ RonĀ