When you think guitar greats….

If you didn’t before, may I try and change your mind?  I think we all know Trevor spent some time in Yes, but also was in a band called Rabbitt, and spent some time producing bands, like Manfred Mann’s Earth Band.  He has also done some solo work, and is now touring with Yes-featuring Anderson Rabin and Howe.  I was bouncing around videos, and came upon Trevor’s for Anerley Road, a song form his 2002 album Jacaranda.  I f you watch this video and don’t move Trevor into you top 20 guitar players……well, I don’t know what to think.  He is now in my Top 10.  I knew he was good, but his ability here is just amazing. his playing seems effortless…oh, and he plays a mean piano as well.  take the seven minutes and 14 seconds, and enjoy Anerley Road from Trevor Rabin.