In honor of “World Afro Day”…

I never knew! Of course, there seems to be a “day” for damn near everything thing anymore, so why not “World Afro Day”…yes afro, as in the giant ball oh’ hair that was so “in” during the 60’s and 70’s. I carried mine into the early 80’s before I finally realized that I was NOT the twin to “Link” of the Mod Squad! There have been some great ones when it comes to afro’s in the world of ROCK…and while I have never been a rock star, being in rock-radio for many years, I think I should qualify to be in the running with some of the greats! So, I give you my high school graduation picture…and yes, that’s full-blown NATURAL curly hair, and a whole load of it, feel free to laugh, believe me, I do every time I see it!  HERE is where you can find the story and plenty of pictures of the great fro’s in rock. ~ Ron