Oh this is just horrific!

Let me first get just a little bit “political”…In many instances I’m not big on people bringing lawsuits on others or companies, UNLESS IT’S OF COURSE REALLY JUSTIFIED. And man, in this instance, from the information provided, in this case…I say take it to em’ big time! Long time singer and co-founder of Jefferson Airplane, Marty Balin, has filed a suit against a New York hospital after he was allegedly left real messed up during a stay in the hospital…following heart surgery in the Spring of 2016. Balin’s lawsuit is basically claiming a total DEBACLE with the care he received at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital…including a improperly performed tracheotomy, that resulted in the loss of half of his tongue and use of his vocal chords! The lawsuit says Balin became totally disabled, and has never recovered properly. And there was plenty more…read the full story HERE. Balin’s lawyer, David Jaroslawicz called it “a total horror show”…and from the sounds of it, I’d agree! I’m not hammering ALL people in the medical field by any means, but it’s well known that things don’t always go so well when it comes to surgeries, medical procedures etc. Pretty scary stuff!

Here’s a rare video of Balin (and his awesome vocals) and Jefferson Starship doing a live rehearsal of “Count On Me”. ~ Ron