Why I don’t play in the ocean…

You may have already seen the trailer for the upcoming move “The Meg”…a “fictional” movie about what was once believed to be a MASSIVE pre-historic shark, and the movie based on the theory that some today even believe…that those sharks could still exist. The Megladon was believed to be around 50-60 ft long, putting it larger than the Whale Shark, which are around 40+ feet, and are very much alive to this day, but much like whales, they feed on plankton and are no threat to humans. I don’t care if it’s a Megladon or just a 10 ft Great White, I have NO desire to ever get near one these kinds of creatures! The video below is quite popular, and very real…but perhaps you haven’t seen it before, so I’m gladly sharing…before you go see The Meg. This huge great white was confirmed to be over 20 ft, one of the biggest ever filmed. Now next time you decide to “play” in the ocean, just remember who’s “back yard” your playing in…and how you’re just like a little play TOY for these massive creatures! ~ Ron