I like cars,

Even though i really do like cars, I don’t know the typical car stuff….like what year of Firebird had what horsepower, how the Barracuda compares to a Mustang, or any real technical stuff.  Sure, I can change a tire, add oil, swap out a battery, change the presets on the radio…but that’s about it.  I know what I like, and I really would drive anything, from the ugliest  Yugo to the biggest Chevy pickup you can find.  So when I stumbled upon this vehicle in a Youtube video (below), I knew it was cool, and I would indeed drive it if I could.  I’m not sure I would want it to be my daily driver, or take it on the freeway for that matter.  But come on, tell me you’d turn down the chance to take it around the block!  And with the rest of the family in the convenient trailer…..