Your ultimate fantasy rock group…

OK, so before I give you my fantasy rock band, here are the rules:  You can have one artist at each position in your 5 piece band, lead singer (but other musicians can do backing vocals), guitar, drums, keyboards. Now, you can’t have any artists from the same band in the group…but we’re going with living or dead, and figure each in their prime years. I have two “fantasy groups”:  I’m going Robert Plant for lead vocals, Neil Peart on drums,  Eddie Van Halen on guitar, Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on Bass, and Keith Emerson on Keyboards. My second consists of Freddie Mercury on vocals, John Bonham on drums, Jimi Hendrix ripping on guitar, John Entwistle on bass, and Rick Wakeman on Keyboards. Hey, just have some fun with it over a beer with your buddies. Now, I’ve kept it pretty damn simple, but in full disclosure, I got the idea from the article you’ll find by clicking HEREThey were much more in depth, and some of the choices are (in my opinion) really in depth…I’m much more black and white. And, here is one of my favorite “super groups” (yah, I know…not legendary status, but I love the tunes etc), that I got to catch in concert down in Portland…Sammy Hagar’s “Chickenfoot”!  ~ Ron