Screw up’s in rock tunes

We’ve ALL had those instances when we realized we’ve been singing the wrong lyrics to some of our favorite rock tunes, but don’t feel bad..the artists themselves have screwed up, from not remembering lyrics to actually swearing in the background…or you might hear some laughter and wonder, was that meant to be in the song, and what prompted it!? I’ll admit, most of these “goofs” I never knew about…other than the one from Van Halen in “Every Body Wants Some”. Click HERE for the full story and video/audio examples of each one. And below, the “glitch” in the Police tune Roxanne (just 4 seconds into the song)…I never gave it a second thought that the brief piano plink and laughter wasn’t part of the song…well, wasn’t suppose to be anyway, lol. Sting went to sit down at a nearby piano in the studio and didn’t realize the lid was up, hit the keys briefly…and then laughs. ~ RonĀ