Yesterday was the 6th anniversary of the death of Bob Welsh

My wife told be about the death of Anthony Bourdain this morning.  Another suicide.  I’m not going to get into suicide, other than to say that we have lost many talented people to it.  And I won’t start a list….because that would be too long.  But I did remember that yesterday, June 7th, was the 6th anniversary of the death of Bob Welsh.  Great singer, songwriter, guitar player.  We all remember Sentimental Lady, Ebony Eyes..there are more.  Remember when he was in Fleetwood Mac?  1971 till 1974, and on the Bare Trees album is the Fleetwood Mac version of Sentimental Lady.  Bob released his own version in 1977, with Lindsey Buckingham on guitar and backing vocals, Mic Fleetwood on drums, and Christine McVie on vocals and keyboard.  There is video of a live performance of Sentimental lady, recorded at The Roxy in 1981, with Mick and Christine performing with him.  More than worth a listen.