So…this Zebra, Donkra and a Zorse…

I spent Mother’s Day with family, and we made a visit to Babby Farms, located north of Middleton and West of Emmett…it’s basically an exotic petting zoo. I’d never been, and while it’s not somewhere I’d take a date…the kids love it. They do have a wide range of animals, some you can get right up to in their pens (Kangaroo’s, sheep, goats), most you can pet and or feed as well. Here are some of what I found the most interesting (click on each pic for a larger view)…a Zebra (not often you get to pet one), then a Donkra…yep, mix between a Donkey and Zebra…and then the Zorse, a mix between a Zebra and Horse. After seeing those mixed breeds, I starting thinking of some of my own…how about crossing a Camel and Jack-Ass…you’d have a Camass! Or maybe a Hippo and Cow, for a Hipcow. This might be tough to do, but let’s go with a Kangaroo and a Fox…a Kangafox!  OK, I’m obviously tired…goodnight. ~ Ron





Because sometimes you just have to have Dave Grohl scream at you, that’s why,