Crazy dog guy?

I feel like that crazy dog person that’s out buying their dog clothing.  This weekend I’m heading out salmon fishing and wanted to take my Blue Heeler because I haven’t done very much with him lately and Austalian Cattle Dogs get real weird when you don’t give them enough exercise and stimulation.  He’s been on a few boats in the past but you never know with these dogs.  I have this fear that he’ll jump and and try to swim lengthways out of the lake and won’t make it.  I plan on wearing a life vest the entire time I’m fishing even if everyone else makes fun of me because what if you get knocked on the head when you fall into the water?  What if you bang your head on the side of the boat or the boat flips onto you?  What if you happen to fall in at the furtherst point from shore.  Am I a good swimmer? Yes.  Can I swim the entire lenght of an Idaho lake?  I’m not sure.  Am I willing to be my life on it?  No.  Then I’m wearing a life vest and now so is my dog.  – Forrest