Stand Your Ground Becomes Law, Lawmaker Says It Doesn’t Change Much

Boise (670 KBOI News) – A bill consolidating Idaho’s stand your ground court cases under one title is now law, even though Governor Otter didn’t sign it.

Senate Bill 1313 became law after he Governor held it without signature for five days.

Representative Christy Zito of Hammett, who wrote another stand your ground bill in the House, said even though it’s now law, Senate Bill 1313 doesn’t really do much…

“All it does is, it codifies what’s already in jury instructions, and case law,” said Zito.  “It doesn’t hurt anything, but it doesn’t really help anything, either.  Everything today is the same as the day before.”

Her bill, House Bill 444, was held in the House State Affairs Committee in favor of the Senate version…Zito says it would have made actual changes, like reining in overzealous prosecutors, and allowing those who use deadly force to protect themselves 48 hours to collect their thoughts before making a police statement.



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