February jams

Here’s what I’m listening to this month. – Forrest

1) The Rolling Stones
The band just released a new blues cover album, “Blue & Lonesome“,  and I’m hooked.  They’re all covers but honestly I’m only familiar with maybe one of them.  The band recorded this in 3 days and Eric Clapton appears on guitar on 2 songs.

2) The Black Crowes
Somehow I didn’t realize that the band released another album after 2008’s “Warpaint” called “Before The Frost…Until The Freeze” in 2009 so I’ve gotten into that album now.  Man I wish these guys were still making music together.  Brothers Chris & Rich Robinson have gone their separate ways as lead singer Chris is touring under the name “Chris Robinson Brotherhood” and Rich is touring as the guitarist for Bad Company.  The album “Before The Frost” features a Velvet Underground cover, a song written by Stephen Stills, and was recorded before a live studio audience at Levon Helm’s studio in New York.

3) Korn
Okay I’ve all but given up on this band, I feel like they wrote maybe 10 great songs and everything else is a b-side deep-cut track.  Meh.  Giving the new album a chance.  So far it’s forgettable.

4) 311
Another band that released an album with me knowing.  I’d never heard 2011’s EP “Universal Pulse” so I’m getting caught up.  So far I enjoy it.  This has inspired me to go back through their entire catalog and get reacquainted with the band.  This song below is from the following album release “Stereolithic” and their last few were produced by Bob Rock who’s produced albums for Metallica, The Offspring, Joan Jett, Mötley Crüe, The Cult, Veruca Salt, Skid Row, Loverboy, David Lee Roth, Cher and more. 311 is currently is in their studio “The Hive” in California working on a new release for 2017





I dressed up as KISS